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” I saw Rona for acupuncture at the Nurture clinic prior to and during my second cycle of IVF. This was a very stressful time for me with work and other health issues in the background. The sessions brought me into a space where I could truly relax and left me feeling grounded and calmer about the whole process and what the future might hold. Rona encouraged me to feel confident in my body’s own abilities to heal and always provided a gentle, good humoured listening ear for my moans and groans. The acupuncture itself helped me to be in the best possible shape for the IVF treatment and I am convinced that it was one of the reasons that this cycle led to a great outcome – a very healthy pregnancy and my precious little boy.”

I came to to Rona when I was suffering from Labrynthitis….
Rona took lots  of time understanding how the dizziness affected me inside my body and in the difficulties managing my daily life.
Rona offered me  a very nurturing and caring experience of acupuncture.

I would highly recommend the wonderful warm Rona.

I have been going to Rona for a number of years now. Sometimes I go because I have physical pain, sometimes I go because I’m a bit wired. I go regularly for my general wellbeing. I highly recommend Rona. She is kind, funny. She really listens to what’s going on for you that day and tailors the treatment to suit your needs at that time.

No two treatments are the same but, while the treatments differ, I always leave feeling better. Much better. I  float through the rest of the day. I couldn’t begin to explain how acupuncture works, but it does (or it does when Rona does it; I’ve been to other practitioners and haven’t experienced the same benefits). I went recently because I had neck pain. The day after the treatment it was gone. For anyone who is considering acupuncture, I recommend Rona unreservedly.

“I started working with Rona to get my body in balance after numerous assisted conception attempts. A year of monthly sessions with Rona and I felt a shift in energy and happiness levels – I thoroughly enjoyed the time in her treatment room. Remarkably, I fell pregnant naturally and carried a beautiful healthy baby boy with her expert pre and post natal treatments offering window of calm during stressful times.

The treatment, support and caring attention of Rona absolutely had a positive impact I believe it was an influencing factor in my amazing surprise pregnancy. I would recommend her work without a second thought.”

“I’m a fainter at injections so the thought of acupuncture was a big one. My trust in Rona was immediate and her generosity of knowledge and caring support meant whatever fear or nervousness I had (huge amounts) was dispelled pretty instantly. Rona creates a unique space that’s just for you: a safe, caring, nurturing, rejuvenating, wise space.

I can’t imagine my life without either acupuncture or Rona now.”

I started out having 5 Element Acupuncture in London 22 years ago after a traumatic experience and on going digestive problems, and found it profoundly helpful and transformational on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  I’ve been lucky in that physical pain has never been my issue – so I’ve kept going more as a holistic health measure, and to keep myself ‘in balance’.  I moved back to Ayrshire where I grew up 5 years ago and was keen to find a 5 Element Acupuncturist in Scotland so feel hugely blessed that I found Rona to be practicing so close to where I live.

Rona is a truly gifted and compassionate practitioner, she really takes time to listen, diagnose and treat.  I’ve always walked out of every treatment feeling calm, energetic, connected and balanced.

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