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Regular workshops take place throughout the year, collaborations with other teachers and an annual retreat. Please click here for upcoming events.

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What is Okido

Okido is a unique union of Indian Yoga, Chinese Daoism, Oriental Medicine and the Japanese Zen tradition. It is a system that combines asanas, dynamic zen movement, sound, meditation and shiatsu. Its main purpose is to promote self-healing, awakening our natural healing power and increasing the flow of life force in the body. Okido invites a wholehearted approach to our practice, nourishing ourselves and the life networks to which we belong.

Currently there is a seasonal Sunday morning class of Okido which is 2 hours. We do some movement, some massage and share a cup of tea. The seasonal theme considers the influence of the Five Elements and applies that to the class. Next date to be posted soon.  Please email if you would me to put you on the mailing list for seasonal classes, pop-ups and retreats.

I also specialise in yoga for people living with cancer and offer one to one sessions and short courses in the studio at Nurture.

Women’s Health

Women’s health has been fundamental within Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

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Men’s Health

Chinese Medicine can be helpful for reproductive, uro-genital issues and sexual function.

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Pregnancy & Post-natal

Acupuncture is a wonderful way to help sustain and support women through each stage of pregnancy.

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