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Chinese Medicine can be helpful for reproductive, uro-genital issues and sexual function. Just as in Women’s health, Chinese medicine has a comprehensive view of the landscape of men’s health from boyhood to old age. This includes a deep understanding of the psychological and physiological influences governing health. The classic texts have thus gifted us with treatment principles to correct imbalances and enhance wellness.

Men who come to my clinic present with a broad range of conditions such as: pain; problems with sleeping; anxiety and depression; chronic health problems including asthma, skin conditions and arthritis; neurological conditions; and fertility. Fertility treatments have historically focussed more on women although the potential for enhancing male fertility has been increasingly recognised. Acupuncture is used to help improve sperm parameters alongside lifestyle advice to support treatment.

As well as acupuncture, advice on lifestyle, diet and other supports may be given.  I work in an integrated clinic and sometimes suggest seeing another practitioner where this seems potentially helpful.  This may be a psychologist, herbalist, or chiropractor for example.

An essential element of traditional acupuncture is that it treats the whole person, rather than taking a solely symptom-driven approach: typically people report ‘feeling much better’ in themselves, alongside improvements in their symptoms.

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