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I also specialise in massage for people living with cancer and hara abdominal massage.

Esalen Massage for Women

A deeply nurturing experience, the soothing Esalen Massage technique uses flowing strokes to relax and de-stress the whole body. The gentle yet powerful technique invites total relaxation as the practitioner focuses solely and wholeheartedly on their client.

Beneficial to a number of emotional and physical symptoms including stress, fatigue and chronic or acute pain, this style of massage centres the recipient and allows them to experience calm and relief and can be safely carried out for people post surgery. This compassionate and intentional touch therapy has a wide range of nurturing and healing effects that include enhanced mobility, a renewed sense of health and vitality and can even facilitate a sense of safety when it comes to touch.

The technique is not technically a deep tissue massage, however, its long strokes and style of contact invite the tissues of the body to open and relax. It is a subtle yet powerful technique that can be deeply satisfying for those experiencing muscle tension.

Since training with Perry and Johanna Holloman in 2007, I have gained post-qualifying certificates in both Slavic Massage and Massage for People Living with Cancer. While my style of massage is predominantly influenced by the Esalen school, I also draw from my other training where appropriate.

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