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Acupuncture for general health

People see me for acupuncture in support of range of conditions such as; anxiety and depression, chronic pain, arthritis, chronic  fatigue, digestive issues and IBS, allergies and sinusitis,  post viral fatigue, insomnia, migraines and headaches, fibromyalgia and MS, and skin conditions. Many people arrive at clinic with a general feeling of being unwell, who would like to feel better in themselves and have more energy for life.

The  wisdom of acupuncture is in it’s ability to nourish, smooth and balance the flow of qi in body. It treats the whole system of the body and doesn’t isolate symptoms therefore people usually not only experience cessation or reduction in symptoms (depending on the condition) but notice a radical improvement in their overall sense of wellbeing.

It’s important to choose the right practitioner for you: it’s usually helpful for us to have an initial phone conversation to discuss how I can help. I also cross-refer with a number of other practitioners to support integrative and holistic health. For this reason your acupuncture treatment may also contain advice on diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

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