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Initial session and first treatment
(1.5 to two hours)
Acupuncture treatment with abdominal massage
Subsequent treatments (45 mins to one hour) £40
Esalen massage (75mins) £50
Massage for people living with cancer (time is less so that it is relaxing and restorative rather than depleting). If people like a longer massage we can build that up over time. Initially 50 mins £40
One-to-one Yoga (one hour) £40
Block of six sessions (one hour each) £200

Please check with your health insurance as they may provide cover for your treatments. Students and those on a low income may be eligible for a concession rate, please ask for details if this applies to you.

I can take cash or cheques but unfortunately, I don’t have a card machine. Please let me know 24 hours in advance if you can’t make your appointment and do be aware that any missed appointments are charged at 50% of the session price.

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