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I work closely with Western Medical herbalist, Klayr Young. It is my preference to use native herbs rather than Chinese herbs, which have a relationship with the actual environment we live in.   Though our work together, Klayr and I have helped to manage some complex and chronic conditions, as well as success in treating longstanding issues with fertility and recurrent miscarriage.

We recognise that investing in acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments simultaneously can be expensive.   Often we suggest starting with one treatment and then drawing in the other once this is established, thus needing less frequent appointments.  For example when you first start acupuncture you may typically come once a week for six treatments.  Then as things improve and you begin to spread out treatment sessions, this might be a good time to begin herbal medicine treatment.  If you do want to use acupuncture and herbal medicine together from the outset we both offer a £10 reduction of our initial consultation fee.

Here are some of the nice things people have said:

I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in 2011. My resting heart rate was 140bpm, I felt breathless, exhausted, couldn’t sleep, had an inner tremor which never left me. I had a feeling that I was on high alert all the time with adrenaline rushing through my body, almost like a car with the accelerator revved up constantly.

I went to the doctor who did blood tests and the results showed my TSH was at 0.01 when it should be between 0.4 and 4. My T4 was >30 when it should be between 9 and 25. I was called into the surgery as a matter of urgency and the Doc suggested beta blockers immediately for the raised heart rate and a drug called Carbimazole for the very over active thyroid. He explained that Carbimazole stops the body over producing thyroxine in the hope that it re-regulates itself. He also requested an ECG.

I am not a quick “pill fix” type of person as I believe when we are ill the body and mind is telling us something. I explained that I wanted to take a couple of days to look into the illness and look at finding the best option for me, but that if I didn’t find anything I would come back and accept the beta blockers and suggested medication. My response was met with quite a negative reaction. On the notes to the cardiologist it stated that I had “refused treatment” and on presenting for my ECG I was treated dismissively by the cardiologist. I stated that I wasn’t refusing treatment but was looking for the BEST treatment for me. I understand they were offering me the best they could and I respect that.

I researched Carbimazole and discovered that in many cases it blocks the body’s natural production of thyroxine to the point where it stops altogether. It then has to be replaced by synthetic thyroxine which needs to be taken for the rest of your life. Again my research showed that this in itself is complicated because the body doesn’t always use the same amount each day, sometimes needing more or less.

I searched the internet and found an article written by a woman who had suffered almost identical symptoms to me and she had used Herbal Medicine to treat her condition. She had been successful in reversing the situation completely – this gave me hope to continue looking as I knew it was possible! I wrote to this lady and she told me her story in detail and suggested I look for a good Herbalist, which I did, and came across Klayr.

I spoke with my Doc who was sceptical. I asked if I could continue to monitor my bloods with him to check if anything was in fact changing with herbal treatment. He agreed but repeated his advice was that I should consider taking the meds offered to me.

I began treatment with Klayr in 2011 and I continued blood tests every 3 months to keep track of results. Slowly but surely my results started to change for the better. Progress was very slow however, and, as I was still struggling to sleep and with the other symptoms, Klayr suggested I get some acupuncture along with my herbs. She believed the two would work very well together for my case. I readily accepted and was introduced to Rona.

The difference was dramatic!! I immediately felt the benefit of the sessions which were weekly in the first phase. I could sleep! During and after a session it felt like my body was being “tuned down”. This effect only lasted for a day or two to start with so I always looked forward to another session by the end of the week.

Week by week I began to feel the powerful effect of these two treatments working together. The sessions with Rona got further apart as the effects lasted longer each time. My blood results changed significantly and I knew I was on the right path, having found the “best treatment for me”. Even my Doctor said ” please let me know what herbs are being used, my wife tells me I am too closed minded about these kinds of treatments”.

I have been working together with the girls for some years now. My blood levels are smack bang where they should be with TSH at 0.4 and T4 at 12. I continue my herbs daily and have sessions with Rona when my body tells me I need them. I am delighted to say that I feel in great health!
It has been a longer road to recovery than perhaps taking pharmaceutical medication, but it is my firm belief that my body has been encouraged to rebalance itself naturally without ongoing chemical intervention.

I am eternally grateful to them both for the care they have given me and can’t recommend them highly enough – S aged 58.

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Klayr also works at Nurture, her website is and she can be contacted on 07723025518

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