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Hara massage was an aspect of my Okido Yoga training, I was delighted to deepen my understanding and skills with Lucy Trend on her Traditional Abdominal Massage course, right here in Glasgow!

Traditional Abdominal Massage

Traditional Abdominal or ‘hara’ massage dates back to Taoist times, and can be found in Japanese, Chinese, Thai and other Asian traditions. It feels quite special to give or receive abdominal massage and while it can aid the digestive, reproductive and alimentary systems, it is also deeply relaxing and restorative.

The word hara doesn’t exist in anatomy and physiology, but in the Japanese tradition it is seen as the centre of balance for the autonomic nervous system. It is located deep behind the middle point between the pubic bone and the naval. If hara is weak for example we might be flurried, ‘in our heads’, with a strong hara the lower part of the body gathers strength, the brain becomes peaceful and the body and mind stabilise.  It is understood as the centre of our life force, and a place where we can connect to ourselves.

My own experience is that abdominal massage promotes a sense of peace and calm and of security. There feels to be no need to rush, there is time enough to get everything done. I also notice a greater sense of connection with my femininity, indeed it is used to enhance fertility, or work with menstrual or gynaecological problems.  Using hara breathing and self care massage at home feels like a very nourishing and health sustaining practice. It can be done through the clothing, or directly on to the belly, using oils or hot compress.

You can visit the clinic for Traditional Abdominal massage as a stand alone treatment, or incorporate it into your Acupuncture treatment or Esalen Massage. I can also teach you how to do hara massage at home for self care.


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