General Acupuncture

The  wisdom of acupuncture is in it’s ability to nourish, smooth and balance the flow of qi in body.

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Welcome to Mindheart Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture aims to help us to discover more about our own unique nature and how we can optimise our health, live in accordance with the changing seasons and balance our obvious and subtle reactions to the busy world around us. This practice prioritises the individual over their symptoms, encouraging patients to look at themselves as a whole.

The ancient Five Element system is particularly suited to our modern world and the health challenges we face – perhaps a direct result of the speed and energy required to function in our environment. In restoring our natural state of balance it simply invites us to be more of who and what we truly are.

Women’s Health

Women’s health has been fundamental within Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

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Men’s Health

Chinese Medicine can be helpful for reproductive, uro-genital issues and sexual function.

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Pregnancy & Post-natal

Acupuncture is a wonderful way to help sustain and support women through each stage of pregnancy.

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